Thursday, July 20, 2006

As I am writing this after logging in directly, I can conclude that our sarkar has finally lifted the ban. More interestingly, this blog now has practical experience of the censor insofar as its blocking is concerned. It is fairly humorous that the purpose of this blog has been so ironically highlighted.
Our course may have got over, but the last six months have spawned an embarrassment of riches as far as cases of censorship in India and abroad are concerned. This reiterates the fact that censorship is definitely ( and most worrisomely) active to an unhealthy extent.


Lonely Feet said...

Good to see a post after like 2 months, though I have nothing to do with the course, would like to post in this is this possible, yes tintin-da sent me an invite for this one too...please!

Ronan Jimson said...

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