Saturday, July 14, 2012

Book on War-crime likely to be banned in Pakistan

The book "A Stranger in my own Country East Pakistan, 1969-1971" written by Late Major General Khadim Hussain Raja and published by OUP, Pakistan has caused an uproar in the Pakistan government. The book has reportedly brought to light the war-crimes and genocides performed by the Pakistan army under the command of General A.A.K Niazi during the Bangladesh Liberation War.
The book was published according to the last wishes of the author expressed to his family as he feared that publication of the book during his lifetime may put his life at risk.
Reports indicate that Pakistan government is trying everything it can to ban the book in the country. The book hasn't made its way into Indian markets yet and doesn't looks like it will.
I don't know whether we will get to see another government "sponsored" book-burning in this 21st century but we should try to get hold of a copy, if possible, before the last wishes of the author gets wiped out from the face of the earth.
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