Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Censoring Viragos

The brief discussion that we had with the two ladies from Virago provided a somewhat better idea of censorship than the ridiculous and exasperating tirades of Messrs. Bhadra and Chatterjee. They were frank enough to admit that they did not have all the answers to our questions, and admitted freely that we could disagree with them, especially on the question of absolute freedom of expression. Personally , I feel that censorship should be implemented in extreme cases, especially hate groups. Any takers?

I suggest that the results of the Seagull workshop should be put online in full, as it will be of immense help to the course.


the wizard of az said...

gimme my invite pliss -


Deep said...

the two ladies were from INDEX ON CENSORSHIP, not Virago. Although one of them USED to be with Virago. Founding member, I believe.