Thursday, February 09, 2006

The point... to create a blog, on Tintinda's command :-), where all members of the literature and censorship optional course might post on the subject. A few rather preposterous sounding suggestions:

1. Assuming you write your posts offline in MS Word, please copy/cut- paste the whole into Notepad (the *.txt format) before pasting it in the blogger editor.

2. Please, please, please put links to any censorship related article/site you might come across, apart from your own writings.

3. Those not invited yet, do leave your email addresses in the comment section and I will send you an invite ASAP.

4. Since this is a censorship related blog, we'll avoid irony, right, and NOT turn word-verification on or turn the option for annonymous commentators to comment off. Play nice.

Oh, and for those new to this, I'm Priyanka of UG III, popularly known in the department (half of which consists of bloggers) and online as Rimi.


Soumik said...


1> if you have to cut/copy-paste, you can easily do so using the HTML edit mode of blogger without bothering bout notepads.

2. also, there's a software called blogger-for-word available form blogger or by googling, with which you can directly blog your posts from MS Word. But in case you plan to use pics, you have to upload that separately from the Blogger edit panel, or by using Hello, a photo-sharing chat engine by Google.

3> tintinda and Rimi - if ppl from outside the course are allowed in here, i'd like a membership please.

the wizard of az said...

plz send me the promised invite asapp...ty.

ujjaini said...

the address is not tanyachoudhury_14 but these kind of things happen when you get someone else to register for and are unable to censor/edit yourself

Phõéníx said...

Was wondering whether you're studying stuff connected to music perhaps? You might want to go over RATM. You should find interesting snippets related to George Bush. Btw...send me an invite if thats ok.